SNMMI Procedure Standard for Scintigraphy for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Twyla B Bartel
Samuel Magerefteh
Anca M Avram
Helena R Balon, Beaumont Health
Lorraine E De Blanche
Simin Dadparvar
Mickaila Jackston
Shari Moreau


Surgical histopathology, diagnostic and posttherapy radioiodine (RAI) scintigraphy, and postoperative thyroglobulin (Tg) provide information contributing to differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) staging, risk stratification, and clinical management. The purpose of this document is to provide the procedure standard on the RAI scintigraphy aspect of DTC management. The addition of SPECT/CT to planar RAI imaging has been shown to reduce equivocal findings and improve staging in these patients