Submissions from 2024

Driving Assessments, Stacey Ruff

Submissions from 2023

New Advancements in Alzheimer's Disease Treatment, Khaled A. Imam and Stewart F. Graham

GME Research, Shanta Layton and David Sengstock

Submissions from 2022

Post-Operative Delirium, Stephanie Biedny

Dementia: Updates on Medications and Management, Khaled Imam

Choosing Wisely in the Care of the Elderly, Stacey Ruff

Geriatric Assessment, David Sengstock

Stroke Simulation Improves Acute Stroke Management-A Systems-Based Practice Experience, David Sengstock

Submissions from 2021

Elder care in the Navajo population, Georgina Leamon

Stroke and Delirium, Brian Muckey