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Society of Teachers of Family Medicine


This project is based on the premise that observing a different culture enables a less politicized discussion of racism in the America. Using the short film "Schwartzfahrer" by Pepe Danquart, this project proposes convening focus groups to uncover layers of meaning and differing perspectives on topics that include race, identity, immigration, societal belonging-exclusion, and civic courage. The film is 12 minutes long. Participants will be asked to examine non-verbal and para-linguistic attributes portrayed. The second layer of meaning will be elicited by adding English subtitles and viewing the film again. The facilitator will elicit a list of overt racist utterances and behaviors. The facilitator will then provide cultural background that changes the meaning of the film and highlights the double [or triple, quadruple] entendre inherent in the film.

Each character will be discussed and the point of view from that character's perspective will be elicited. This will be done by the facilitator showing short clips demonstrating vital information. The cultural dynamics of racism will be explored by examining the statement, "Everyone saw what happened!" Finally, the participants' reflective learnings will be elicited